Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shaken, Not Stirred

Bond. Bond Beam's the name. This week marked a significant milestone for the house construction project. The bond beam forms were completed, they passed inspection, and the concrete was delivered/poured. Now the Post & Beam construction of the house, which is the code section that the plans were approved under, is complete. We have concrete columns, a continuous bond beam across the top, and the structure is in place to support the roof. The TerraBricks technically are in-fill for the walls, although they certainly are strong enough to have been a structural component of the house. Obtaining approval for the TerraBricks to be structural would have been a significant hassle and expense, which proved unnecessary with the post & beam option.

Now that the bond beam has been poured, the contractor for the CEBs & pouring of the concrete (Willie is the guy's name) just needs to replace some FSC lumber they used and clean up after themselves. Once that's done, we can settle up and put this contractor experience behind us - for good.

Even though we're a few weeks behind schedule, our primary contractor, Aaron from Cornerstone Building Services, thinks much of that time will be made up on the roof installation. I hope he's right - Mother Nature has other plans as it rained all day today and showers are in the forecast for the next five days.