Thursday, September 17, 2009

Installing Rain Water Tanks

You might have seen the cute, little rain barrels that one can make from wine casks or plastic drums. Most hardware stores, and all green building centers, have these in stock so you can capture rain water from your gutter/downspout and use it for watering plants, etc. While those are good for existing homes, that's child's play compared to our new rain water capture system. We have three tanks that hold 1,400 gallons each. DeMarr's crew was on site to dig the ditch in the front of the house; the tanks will live under ground. They've been filling the tanks partially with water as they've backfilled the ditch. Bernie from Clarke County Plumbing will be on-site Friday to connect the PVC pipe to bring the rainwater to the tanks, and also to connect the pump system Andreas drove 8 hours roundtrip to Salem, VA to pick up so it would be here on time (another failure on our construction manager's part with poor planning). More to come on this as the tanks are connected, but here are some photos of the tanks in the ground.