Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please Disturb Responsibly

Just a small side note on our building permit application. The State of Virginia requires listing a "Responsible Land Disturber (RLD)" on the building permit application. The RLD is the person responsible for ensuring erosion and sediment control during the construction process. Well, since we don't have a general contractor (who would usually be the RLD), we have to do this ourselves.
The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation certifies you online (; you pay $90 and then take an open-book test. I am proud to say I got 100% correct and am now a Responsible Land Disturber. But that also means that I now have to be out on the lot all the time to check on mud fences, and all the other good stuff we'll have to put up to make sure our neighbors' gardens don't get flooded with our dirt.
As long as I get to wear my hard hat!

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