Thursday, September 11, 2008

Amicus Green Building

After I published the last blog, I thought of something else I wanted to mention - that is a store in Kensington, MD that specializes in environmentally-friendly products. The store is called Amicus Green Building supply. We got a quote for our kitchen cabinets from them and we're planning to buy our soy-based stain for the concrete floor there. We're also intrigued with a product called American Earth Clay plaster. I received an email from Amicus promoting a seminar on applying this plaster yourself and called within two days of getting the email. But by the time I called the class was filled. So I'm now on their waiting list.

Check out American Clay at and Amicus at


  1. Good for you using green products. We're doing our part with our energy conservation programs.

  2. Thanks, Debra. I received my Founders Club invite today for Dutcher Crossing's Harvest Fest. I'm looking forward to attending. I have a very tough work assignment: I have to go to Napa the last weekend of the month. Since that coincides with Harvest Fest, I already purchased my tickets and can't wait for it!