Thursday, January 1, 2009

For Larry M.

Our friend Larry M. has asked me several times to post an image with the floor plan/layout to this blog. He has seen the drawings on paper and asked why they're not posted to this blog. Well, here they are. The first image shows the main level/first floor. That includes two bedrooms located on opposite ends of the house. The master bedroom is on the East side (the right side of the image) and the guest room/office is on the West side (obviously on the left side of the image). The heart of the house contains the kitchen, dining and living rooms all open in one big great room (okay, not so big, but it will feel much more open than if we walled off each room). The entrance to the house will be on the North side (at the top of the picture) just across from the stairs into the basement. In the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs, when one walks in, the ceiling will be lower and as one turns to the great room, with the roof slanting/rising up, the eyes will be drawn to the expanse of windows on the Southern side.

The lower level (aka the basement) will have a third bedroom and rough-in plumbing for a third bathroom. The washer/dryer will go into the basement as well. Eventually we will divide the basement a bit more to add a media room with my wine collection, and there will be a workshop (future airplane building area).


  1. mike- thanks you so much for finally posting your plans!! i have been checking your blog almost every day!! :)

  2. hi, thanks for the informative blog and posting plan details.

    I wasn't able to see all the details since the image resolution wasn't high enough, but I especially like the solar panels as shades application, the walkable grates above the basement window wells and fridge and dishwasher in pantry is very interesting... I wonder how that will flow, workwise.

    Also, since the door to the second bedroom is before the "public" bathroom, is it going to be okay that people go in that room for parties, etc? (i.e. might you want the door moved to the bedroom boundary?) I see in the planned basement, there could be the "public" bathroom, but that won't be ready during first phase completion of your project.

    I look forward to seeing the progress!

  3. Sat - thanks for your comments. A few thoughts in response: we're excited about the solar panels as sun shades. But that will come in a couple of years, after we have saved some more $$ and we know how much solar we will need to handle the electrical requirements of the house.

    In the pantry, we thought about having the washer/dryer on the west wall and the refrigerator/freezer unit as well. A small refrigerator is intended to go under the island counter in the kitchen. We've now moved the washer/dryer into the basement, and for budget reasons might skip the small fridge.

    The plans don't show the pocket doors properly. The guest side of the house will have two pocket doors in the hallway - one at the entrance to the hallway before the bathroom and one after the bathroom at the entrance to the guest bedroom. Not sure why the architect didn't include that on the plans, but everyone (architect, general contractor, etc) knows that's what we're doing.

    Thanks for watching the blog and keep the comments coming!

  4. thanks for the reply.
    skipping the second small fridge is good for your electricity budget, as well. i think it's really hard to get efficient small fridges, and they tend to be built in so well that they don't have proper air circulation, work harder and heat up adjacent cabinetry/countertops.