Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Sign of the Times

The professionals who have helped us through this project so far have been absolutely wonderful, amazing, patient, and helpful. This is definitely a team project - we couldn't do it without them. Several have marketing signs in our front yard, which we're proud to display:

Earthcraft - the green program our house will be certified under
Mike Terpak with Access National Bank - our lender.
Aaron Holmes with Cornerstone Building Services - our general contractor.

If you are building, we recommend EarthCraft and Cornerstone. If you need financing, we recommend that you call Mike.


  1. hey mike-

    wow, it is funny you should mention a high water table at your building site- drew and i just had a new driveway installed by driveway impressions in november- it was a very expensive project to begin with and became even more expensive once they told us the ground under the old driveway was completely waterlogged- i would not have believed the crew if they would have called me at work to explain the problem- but i happened to be home and went out to walk on it- it was like walking on a mattress- so they had to build up a base of compacted earth, stone, compacted earth, stone etc- needless to say, i feel your pain- good luck! :) larry

  2. Hey - I was wondering about your financing. I wanted to be my own general contractor on an addition that I'm building, but have had every bank (including Access National) tell me that I must have a DC licensed general contractor (I'm in DC). Just curious how you all got around this requirement for your financing. (I wanted to send you an e-mail, but couldn't figure out how to do it).