Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you

It stopped snowing in downtown DC today at approximately 2:30pm. After work, I picked Andreas up at the Dulles Jet Center, where he was waiting after the last leg of a charter flight today. We rushed to our lot in Falls Church with a broom and shovel to clear the sidewalk and we found it already had been shoveled by one of the neighbors.

Whoever you are, thank you very much for shoveling our sidewalk. We're looking forward to the house being finished so we can enjoy the company of the fine people who live nearby. The City of Falls Church boasts of the benefits of a small town atmosphere and our experiences so far certainly have proven there is truth in their advertising!


And a quick update on construction: Bartley Corporation did not complete their work with the foundation forms on Friday, and they didn't show up to work on Saturday as we were led to believe that they would. Obviously they didn't pour the foundation walls yet. Of course with the big snow storm in the DC area yesterday, it is understandable that they could not work today. So if all goes well, they'll finish the forms on Tuesday, pour the concrete on Thursday, and we'll be able to set the first floor trusses/decking the week of March 9th.

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