Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EIFS, Act 2

I'm blogging today instead of Mike - he's away.

Claudia and her EIFS crew wrapped the house in extruded styrofoam today. (Yes, there are different kinds of styrofoam: expanded - the white, bubbles-pressed-together looking kind; and extruded - which is much smoother in texture.) The advantage of extruded styrofoam is that (a) it has a greater R-value (R-5 per inch ... we have three inches, so a total of R-15) and (b) it is a water barrier (by contrast, expanded styrofoam is about as permeable as a sieve).

For now, the house looks like a big freezer box. The next few steps are to sand the styrofoam smooth; embed a nylon mesh in another scratchcoat, and then to apply the final EIFS coat. In a week, weather permitting, we should have the final product.

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