Monday, October 12, 2009

It Takes a Village.... to Raise a House?

We've been doing a lot at our house this past last week. So much that I haven't been able to blog about it. Wonderful family and friends have helped.

The drywall's done (hung, taped, mudded, sanded, paid for).
Interior walls have been primed....soon to be painted (Thanks, Bill!)
Companies have come by to give quotes for the deck.
Maryann from Terra Landscape came by to measure in order to prepare a quote for the walkway. We're getting quotes for pavers for a walkway. I'm tired of walking through mud to get to the house.
Erika came by to review her landscape design.
The interior stair landing has been built (Thanks, Larry!).
The interior stairs have been placed and (mostly) connected. I have a few more screws to put in.
The remaining cedar for the exterior has been stained (Thanks Mom!)
The rainwater tanks have been connected to one another; outflow and inflow are yet to be done.
When buying the no VOC paint at Amicus Green Building in Kensington, MD, we "window shopped" for some tile and decided to purchase some really beautiful tile there.

And more, but those are the highlights.

I gained about 10lbs this weekend - not from stress, but from my Mom's wonderful cooking. Mom and Bill came Saturday and helped through today (Monday). Not only did they help with a multitude of projects around the house, but they prepared meals for each day, all of which were incredibly delicious. I need to work harder on the house to lose some weight now!

Our architect and one of his staff came by today to review the progress and next steps. They're going to refer some folks to us for deck construction, interior finish carpentry, etc.

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