Thursday, December 24, 2009

Interior Glass

I forgot to mention in my last posting that Tony Sommer from Sommer Glass came by yesterday with the five interior glass panels. He installed those over the three doors in the hallways, the door into the guest bathroom, and the door into the master closet. Andreas and I were working on installing the kitchen cabinets in their exact location and leveling the cabinets. We also had to build a bulkhead off the back of the island since Aaron told Tom (from Creager Electrical) where to bring electrical wire through the floor - but Aaron apparently had the location wrong by several inches. So we are adjusting in the field again. Another Cornerstone mistake we encountered, was that the fan control for the fireplace was installed incorrectly, so the automatic shut-off feature couldn't activate. We quickly found out it was installed wrong after we started a fire and turned the fan on. Andreas diagnosed the problem and fixed that this morning so our fireplace fan control will work properly from now on.

Back to the interior glass -- Tony did a nice job with the glass, and he even used an environmentally-friendly glass cleaner to clean the salt spray from the roads off the glass before installing it. I'll take some pictures and post those with the deck photos next week. Tony will be back in a couple of weeks (after we install the master bathroom shower tile) to measure and then install the white laminated frameless shower glass wall for us.


  1. I'm surprised that you haven't fired Aaron and Bartley a long time ago for as many mistakes as they have made. I have to wonder whether it is gross incompetence or purposeful neglect. It almost sounds like he screws things up on purpose.

  2. Dave,

    Aaron's been off our project for a long time. Right as Andreas and I were going to fire him, he sent us a letter effectively resigning. We later learned that same week all of his other clients fired him due to his gross incompetence. (Last year, when we decoded to hire Aaron, he promised we would be his only clients until our house was done, which he said would take no longer than six months. Lies, lies, lies. Now he gets to lie in the bed he made for himself.

    With regard to Bartley, there are no more projects for them to be involved with at our house. They did a fine job with the excavation and foundation, but we should have stopped there. I woul never, ever recommend anyone hire Bartlet for final grading work as that's not one of their core competencies. The shower pan issue is something Aaron should have caught since he was supposed to check on the quality of the work for us.

    It's all been fixed now, and it's nice to be moving forward.