Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crossing the Finish Line

We passed our final inspection on Friday!!!!! The City now has our application for the Certificate of Occupancy. In a week or two, we should be able to move in to our new house! 11 months, two and one half weeks to build this house - I'm glad this is almost over.

After we move in, there still will be projects on the house, but they'll be easier to manage while living there.


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  1. This is about the point when house renovation blogs die off. (actually, i think you have gone farther than most with keeping up the blog.)
    maybe b/c future photos get more personal. but just want to encourage you to keep it up. i very much look forward to seeing future photos after move in, when the reality of living in the house surpasses the monumental task of building it.

    thanks for keeping this going.