Monday, August 9, 2010

You Say Tomato

We planted some herbs, peppers and tomatoes in front of our house. Yesterday we picked the first ripe tomato, which was lusciously delicious. Unfortunately, the rest of the tomatoes are very green, so it will be a while before we're in tomato bliss again. Here are some photos:

Over the weekend, Andreas went to Merrifield Garden Center to buy some salad and other greens, which he planted this weekend. The real purpose of his trip there, though, was to get some "green manure." While it sounds terrible, actually, it's not gross at all - it's simply a plant that binds nitrogen in a natural way and after it grows it gets folded under the dirt and will make for some great soil. This is a biodynamic garden technique. More on that later, as the seed were just planted this weekend.

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