Saturday, June 20, 2009

Prepping for EIFS Installation

In order to secure the best possible price for the EIFS installation (that's the extruded foam board and synthetic stucco system on the exterior of the house), we agreed to attach the basement extruded foam board to the house using TapCon concrete screws. That saved time for the installers, which saved us money. Andreas did the work, which took a few hours, about 100 TapCon screws with large washers, and five concrete drill bits to pre-drill the screw hole. Doesn't it look great? Now the EIFS installers will be able to nicely match their foam board with ours for a professional installation.

The bottom foam board will be a dark grey and the top foam board will be a very light grey, kind of like concrete. The clerestory part of the house (above the CEB wall) will have beautiful stained shiplap cedar siding.

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