Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wrong Windows Removed, More Flooding

At long last, our construction manager, Aaron with Cornerstone Building Services, finally had a framing crew out to remove the wrong clerestory windows and prepare the framing for the new, correct, windows. Well, the day they finally came to work it rained (they were supposed to start last Friday, then delayed to Monday, then delayed to Tuesday, then delayed get the point - they finally came on Thursday to work). And it poured. And there was a huge thunderstorm. The lot was a complete mud pit (as you see in another post) and that made it very challenging work for the crew. But all of the windows appear to have been successfully and safely removed. However, during the process, they clearly were not being careful enough, as there was some damage to one of our sliding doors on the south side. The picture isn't clear, but there's a dent in the metal frame. Ugh. 

To add insult to injury, during our early morning call with Aaron, Andreas gave explicit instructions that the crew needed to be 100% certain that the sump pump was plugged in before they left. You guessed it - they didn't ensure it was plugged in. I know it was plugged in last time we left the lot, so someone from that crew must have unplugged it (either intentionally or unintentionally does not matter as they had instructions to ensure it was plugged in). So the basement completely flooded again. Hours and hours of cleaning up dirt from the last flood was completely wasted by simple laziness, idiocy, or both. I was not happy when I discovered that on Thursday evening and I'm still unhappy about it. The last picture below shows the water draining from the basement several minutes after I plugged the sump pump back in.

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