Saturday, June 20, 2009

Puddles, Puddles everywhere

This rain is driving me nuts! Bartley returned on Tuesday with the repaired machine to continue the grading work. The clay dirt was too wet for them to complete the job, so they'll have to come back again after 4-5 days of no rain, which will give the dirt time to dry out. At this rate, I don't think we'll ever have that kind of dry spell! 

While doing the grading, the guy from Bartley drove right into the corner of our house, completely destroying three of the extruded foam board panels. Hopefully when the EIFS installers come, they will be able to easily add new foam board there and make it like new. You can see the foam board we cut away in the fourth picture below. 

On Thursday, when I was in an important all-day meeting, I received an email from my neighbor to the South stating that our silt fence needed attention. You will see in the final picture where the torrential rain storms that afternoon, following days of steady rain, were just too much for any silt fence to handle. I went that night and put up an extra layer of new silt fencing, hoping that holds in the future. Once the grading is complete, hopefully this won't occur again. If it does, we might be forced to incur even more water mitigation expenses (which we cannot afford) in terms of draintile to prevent water run-off. 

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